Kathy Vanord

Kathy Vanord

Kathy was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area and has worked there for many years. She joined our staff in November of 2011 as a part time receptionist. She has a BS degree in Dairy and Animal Science from Penn State and 20 + years experience in veterinary medicine. She has done just about every job there is to be done in a practice! As our IT person, she has instituted some changes to our inventory system. She heads up our computer resources and helps us make better use of our software to provide the best care possible for our patients.

Kathy lives on a hobby farm in Russell with her husband, Andrew, and their daughter, Lily.  They spend most of their time maintaining and training a small herd of American Milking Devon Cattle. Other animals include her cattle dog Chase, cats Meow Meow and Betsy, 5 Muskovy ducks, and 23 chickens.

In her “spare” time, Kathy enjoys baking, gardening, being a Girl Scout leader and spending time with her family. If Kathy could be any animal it would be a giraffe because she really enjoyed working with them as an intern at the Baltimore Zoo.

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